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Effective process for managing reservations

Handling of bookings in the system has been simplified as much as possible.

Car reception at the parking lot and its release takes place with one click. All reservations are listed chronologically, and if necessary, you can use a simple search engine - just enter the reservation number or customer's name and press enter. What is important, the system itself will remind the dispatcher to accept a payment for a reservation that has not been paid online.


Automation of repetitive activities

Reception of a vehicle with one click causes a series of automatic events such as:

  • sending an appropriate notification of acceptance of the vehicle to the customer
  • generating a confirmation for printing
  • issuing and sending an invoice to the customer's e-mail
  • asking for a review after completing the booking

Each received vehicle will be automatically included in the cars on the parking lot and will correct the number of available parking spots.


Contact with the client 24/7

No more answering hundreds of phone calls and replying to emails. When using ParkFlow, customers receive all notifications automatically, so that manual customer service is kept to a minimum.

Moreover, the client can edit his booking by himself using a special tool on your website. Thanks to these solutions, the time needed to service reservations will be significantly shortened, which will relieve employees and allow for cost optimization.

Intelligent solutions that work for you

Dashboard consists of 3 specialized modules

Reservations and integrations

Use the potential of your car park in 100%. Effectively manage the distribution of parking spots. Decide how many you share with partners and how many you can fill with your own sales channels. The occupancy analysis will allow you to increase the avergae profit from one parking spot and help you effectively use the space you have - thanks to which you will easily earn more.

Finance and settlements

Do you spend a lot of time controlling cash flow in the parking lot? By using the ParkFlow system you have everything under control. Thanks to statistics and financial reports, you know exactly how much money should be on hand, how much you will pay agents and what really pays off. You can easily optimize your booking sources so that your car park profitability is even higher.

Analyzes and reports

Properly processed data is a great value. Thanks to ParkFlow, you have access to all information within a few clicks. Transparent charts and graphs will help you make better decisions. We analyze everything - booking and parking times, travel directions or license plates. Are you missing any report? No problem, write to us and we will add it for you.

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