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Do not waste time controlling bookings from different sources. Manage, settle and handle all bookings in an accessible panel.

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Integration of reservations from all sources

Do you have reservations from different sources? Customers book by phone, e-mail and additionally you receive them from agents?

Thanks to the website widget and API integration, all bookings automatically go to the system, and your employees see them chronologically arranged in the main view of the Dashboard.

All sales support tools in one place

Pricing strategies

Do you offer different prices for individual travel agencies? Do you want to offer an early booking discount? Do you have periodic pricing changes? You can set it all in an user-friendly price management panel, and the correct values will appear automatically. The appropriate pricing policy will allow you to increase the profit per parking spot. Test strategies and choose the ones that pay off the most - it really is that simple!


Selling is very important, but its foundation is proper marketing. At ParkFlow, you can give customers discounts for the next parking or set discounts for regular customers. By integrating with email marketing platforms, you will keep your audience interested and motivate them to park again. Thanks to geographic, demographic and behavioral analyzes, you will adjust the advertising campaigns of your car park much better.

Customer relationship management

Collect data about customers and offer them an even higher quality of services. Reward your regular customers with discounts and save important information related to their service in the system. The ParkFlow system will automatically combine the bookings made by one customer and show how many times they have already visited your parking lot. Maintain customer relationships and reward them for loyalty. You will see that they will come back every time and will be happy to recommend your parking lot to their friends.

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